ecadia Brochures

It is not easy to describe a complex software system briefly and concisely. However, we want to try this in our brochures. The many ultimately also very important details, however, find no room. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.

  • ecadia_Onboarding-A4.pdf, 1.2 MB
    Prospekt Onboarding

    Beschreibung der Prozesse bei Onboarding eines neuen Mitarbeiters

    4 Seiten, Stand 2022

  • ecadia_Azubi-A4.pdf, 774 KB
    Prospekt Azubi-Modul

    Beschreibung der Funktionen, wie digitales Berichtsheft schreiben und senden, Sicht für den Azubi und den Ausbildenden

    4 Seiten, Stand 2022


  • ecadia_Product description_2019_01.pdf, 1.5 MB
    ecadia Product description
    Overview of the most important processes and functions.
    8 pages, version 01/2019
  • ecadia_Campus_2019_01.pdf, 1.8 MB
    ecadia Campus
    Course management with timetable, grades, forums, etc.
    8 pages, version 01/2019
  • ecadia_Qualifcation_planning_2019_01.pdf, 1.5 MB
    ecadia Qualification planning
    ecadia Qualification planning is a mature method for the systematic and modular qualification of a target group with continuous system support.
    8 pages, version 01/2019
  • ecadia_Infoscreen_2019_01.pdf, 857 KB
    ecadia Infoscreen
    The information board in the entrance area of your academy.
    4 pages, version 01/2019
  • ecadia_Newsletter_2019_01.pdf, 875.4 KB
    ecadia Newsletter
    Professional direct marketing to inform your customers about current offers.
    4 pages, version 01/2019
  • ecadia_eFeedback_2019_01.pdf, 969.2 KB
    ecadia eFeedback
    Modern participant feedback with tablet or smartphone (... and of course also for normal office computers).
    4 pages, version 01/2019
  • ecadia_WBT_2019_01.pdf, 1.3 MB
    ecadia WBT
    Perfect integration of web-based self-learning with professional qualification planning
    4 pages, version 01/2019
  • ecadia_Servicelists_2019_01.pdf, 939.6 KB
    ecadia Digital Service Lists
    Use modern technology for classic academy processes - "Caretaker list 4.0".
    4 pages, version 01/2019
  • ecadia_Forum_2019_01.pdf, 870.7 KB
    ecadia Forum
    User-friendly forum functions with perfect integration into event operations
    4 pages, version 01/2019
  • ecadia_Hotelmanager_2019_01.pdf, 789.2 KB
    ecadia Hotelmanager
    The ecadia Hotelmanager offers a continuous integration of the hotel functions into the event organisation.
    4 pages, version 01/2019
  • ecadia_Testing_2019_01.pdf, 964.5 KB
    ecadia Testing
    Perfect integration of testing into event and qualification planning
    4 pages, version 01/2019