What does ecadia offer?

ecadia was derived from a play on words from "electronic academy" and aims to support all organisational processes within a modern academy. From the product catalogue to the room planning, the booking of participants, the entire correspondence, electronic caretaker and catering lists up to the accounting of participants and lecturers. 10 reasons why ecadia is the best Academy Management System for you

ecadia is web-based

ecadia is installed in your company or on one of our servers. The users in the academy or your customers simply use a standard web browser on an office computer or a tablet or smartphone. No plug-in or other installation is required. Newsletter for current versions

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Since 2004 ecadia has been used by more than 40 academies in Germany and abroad. These academies rely on ecadia as their strategic learning and administration system. In 2016, a total of several 100,000 participant bookings were organized with ecadia - from online booking to billing. ecadia users are, for example, several Sparkassenakademien, Audi, Datev, the Bonner Akademie or Zurich-Versicherung.

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