The Landesfeuerwehrschule BW decides in favour of ecadia

Landesfeuerwehrschule Baden-Württemberg

The fire brigade school in Bruchsal opts for ecadia. The entire operation of the academy from the annual planning, the lecturer planning, the educational catalogue with ticket booking system to the hotel administration is supported by ecadia.(March 2018)

About the Landesfeuerwehrschule: The Landesfeuerwehrschule (LFS) offers around 50 courses. More than 6,500 firefighters are trained each year. In many cases the courses last several days, in some cases even several weeks. With a certain wink the responsible persons speak of a hotel enterprise with full board.

The LFS uses the interaction of the four most important "motivation factors": excellent training, respectful interaction, well-kept premises and good food. This pleasant atmosphere is provided by the entire workforce of around 100 employees:

The education portal has been online since October 2018 and offers counties and municipalities the functions for education needs assessment and course booking.

The education portal can be reached via the following link:

Education Portal of the National Fire Brigade School
Source: LFS/Sascha Hauk

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